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door okt 2, 2018

With a passion for movement from an early age, I started walking with 9,5 months old, my journey of discovering the capabilities of the human body has not stopped. With an awareness that there is almost nothing we can get away with without paying a price for it, I focus on a sustainable training approach, with exercises that will give benefit until old age, exercises with a minimum impact on joints and maximum impact on the muscular system. This boundary is different for people of different ages, hence my individual coaching programs.

After playing many kinds of sports I came to the conclusion that although I lacked the competitive drive to perform in any area but had a greater appreciation for the pleasure these sports gave me for the sake of doing them. Therefore you can find me in a Crossfit gym, or hanging around in a Boulder Gym, practicing yoga or playing tennis. The understanding and findings in these disciplines is what I bring to the coaching of my clients.

My goal for both myself and you is to be able to physically do anything you desire for as long as you can and have a great day while feeling well fed, energetic and never sick, able to give love and attention to the people you’ve gathered around you.


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